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At what point do you know if we did or did not tip you? What % are no tips?

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To add to this, Chris Hadfield recently gave a quick talk and stressed that they really do look for people that come from backgrounds in which people have to make the tough decisions where lots of lives matter. It teaches you to understand, contemplate, and be able to make those difficult choices.

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Is there any of this that you think might have been reasonable and maybe the "why" just needed to be communicated more? I'm not suggesting that they were 100% in the right, but I feel like the camera thing just isn't that big of a deal.

Like at my office job and numerous other office jobs, we have cameras watching us 24/7.

Do you think the request for them to ask for pictures could have been due to fraud from drivers 'signing into the app' in the morning and then passing their phone off to someone else to actually do the work?

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Yes to being able to reverse the search!!!