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I actually just got a Samsung Smart TV. But I have to say I've assumed such devices have been recording me since the patriot act.

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What are you told about people outside your community? Like, other Americans, other Jews, other religious groups, etc? And what is the driving force in the community, like in Christianity it's salvation through forgiveness, and I'm not entirely sure about Judaism generally but I think the ultimate goal is related to restoration of the temple in Israel? As a tight-knit group, is there a common big-picture goal like that you're working toward? Like expansion or the coming of a savior or good works or . . . (fill in the blank)?

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I was put on benzodiazepines indefinitely at age 14 by a child psychiatrist. I have not been able to get off of them. Experts say they are harder to withdraw from than heroin and more dangerous. My current psychiatrist says she think they ruined my life. I have severe memory issues and have withdrawal symptoms staying at the same dose.

All the problems with benzodiazepines long-term are out in the open for anyone to know who cared to look. It was 1998 when I was put on them, and I was an anxious child even afraid to take Tylenol but was essentially forced to. The knowledge about benzodiazepines negative effects goes decades back before I was prescribed. Neither my parents nor I had informed consent.

I don't really have a question but I wanted to put this on your radar. I don't understand how anything can change when it's out in the open and people know it's bad but doctors keep doing this to people. I guess it's an acceptable practice because there's nothing technically illegal about it.

I don't want to go into a lot of detail about the effects I've suffered, but they are debilitating and life-altering.

Are you familiar with benzodiazepines, and do you see any way that the industry could be sued? I would be most interested not in restitution but in forcing them to develop methods to help people get off these drugs. Some people are able to, and some like me haven't been. I feel like they have a responsibility to help develop medical ways to help people discontinue these drugs safely.

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I have iatrogenic benzodiazepine dependence. I was put on Ativan daily at age 14. When I went to college my psychiatrist added Klonopin. It has been a disaster. I have always taken my medicines exactly as prescribed. Even attempting to taper small amounts, I have autonomic hyperactivity. I have never used alcohol, recreational drugs, etc. In fact, I am afraid of all of that. Having taken my medicine as prescribed, I now am disabled and have severe memory impairment.

I am wondering if you are familiar with this problem? What do you believe the best treatment is for withdrawing from long-term benzodiazepine use? And why are some psychiatrists still using this as first-line treatment?

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Very interesting! Thank you! Particularly interesting to hear your comments about the EU being more with you than the US!

I have lived my life in the US except for one year as a child in Sweden. My mother is from Sweden, but I was born in the US.

While I completely understand the international norms about de-nuclearization and non-proliferation, I've always felt that if I were Sweden or Finland that there would be this rational instinct to want a nuclear weapon. I know that sounds insane to most people. I was in a politics class at my college where I said to the class that I thought it was perfectly rational that Iran should want a nuclear weapon and they looked at me like I was insane. I proceeded to say that if I lived in a country right next to Iraq which the US had attacked, I would want a nuclear weapon in my country to prevent that type of invasion.

I've always had that same instinct for Scandinavia, especially as the US is faltering on the international stage. I'm not saying those countries should have nuclear weapons. I'm just saying from an animal-like instinct of fear and protection I would expect them to want them. I know--I sound insane.