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I actually just got a Samsung Smart TV. But I have to say I've assumed such devices have been recording me since the patriot act.

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What is the job of a concierge?

(I think I vaguely know, but in your specific instance.)

Are there times one particular resident wants too much of your help/time and you have to tell them to get their own personal assistant? Do they have their own personal assistants or pretty much rely on you?

Do you do the same thing for all guests or are there few enough that you anticipate specific needs of certain ones? Like say a certain resident likes fresh baked cookies when they get home from work, is that something you would do?

Do you sign for package arrivals or is that someone else's job?

How many residents do you care for?

Do you make appointments for people? Like if I lived there, could I say, "Make me an appointment with Dr. Smith for the mole on my back preferably by the end of the week."

Does all your work involve helping people from the lobby or do you go to their rooms to help with things as well (and I don't mean that in a doble entendre way)?

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What are you told about people outside your community? Like, other Americans, other Jews, other religious groups, etc? And what is the driving force in the community, like in Christianity it's salvation through forgiveness, and I'm not entirely sure about Judaism generally but I think the ultimate goal is related to restoration of the temple in Israel? As a tight-knit group, is there a common big-picture goal like that you're working toward? Like expansion or the coming of a savior or good works or . . . (fill in the blank)?

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I was put on benzodiazepines indefinitely at age 14 by a child psychiatrist. I have not been able to get off of them. Experts say they are harder to withdraw from than heroin and more dangerous. My current psychiatrist says she think they ruined my life. I have severe memory issues and have withdrawal symptoms staying at the same dose.

All the problems with benzodiazepines long-term are out in the open for anyone to know who cared to look. It was 1998 when I was put on them, and I was an anxious child even afraid to take Tylenol but was essentially forced to. The knowledge about benzodiazepines negative effects goes decades back before I was prescribed. Neither my parents nor I had informed consent.

I don't really have a question but I wanted to put this on your radar. I don't understand how anything can change when it's out in the open and people know it's bad but doctors keep doing this to people. I guess it's an acceptable practice because there's nothing technically illegal about it.

I don't want to go into a lot of detail about the effects I've suffered, but they are debilitating and life-altering.

Are you familiar with benzodiazepines, and do you see any way that the industry could be sued? I would be most interested not in restitution but in forcing them to develop methods to help people get off these drugs. Some people are able to, and some like me haven't been. I feel like they have a responsibility to help develop medical ways to help people discontinue these drugs safely.

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Wait until all the kids are launched on both sides. Your kids need you, and her kids need her. This will bring them chaos. Just an opinion.