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We are concerned about anyone that gets access to the mass spying system the US has built. We will be happy to publish any documents on changes/abuses/policy changes on these topics and others from the Trump administration.

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It is curious. So far we dont know what to make of it.

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To date, we have not received information on Donald Trump’s campaign, or other campaigns. If it were to be submitted now we would happily publish it. Information on how campaigns are fought is important in the moment, and after to learn lessons from. We certainly believe in accountability and transparency for the powerful. And this includes for all the campaigns in the election. We can of course only publish what we receive. If anyone has information on any of the other campaigns we urge them to submit it now before it is deleted - https://wikileaks.org/#submit

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This sort of conversation about a journalist's role in controlling information is an important one. We have also had public conversations with Glenn Greenwald on this too. I like that these happen publicly, so that the public can follow and interact with the position of both sides and make up their own minds.

I think it was clear even before this twitter exchange that WikiLeaks and some others have different stances on this. For example it has been said the whole Snowden archive will never be published - something we highly disagree with.

Regarding the curation comment - I would disagree with Snowden's comment here. Working at WikiLeaks I know we do work with our submissions a lot for validation, how to present and where and when.

What we do not do is censor. We believe in full access to information and knowledge for all citizens. We do not think we are the gatekeepers of information and your right to know. We publish what we receive that is true, for you all to see. Your right to information shouldn't be controlled by others.

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We at the team are monitoring his situation very closely. It is of course highly concerning that his internet is still severed without explanation. He has over the period occasionally been able to do interviews in person or over the phone which showed publicly he was still alive.

Generally the staff, except a couple that have a public profile do not speak publicly. There are obvious security risks for the team (a US secret Grand Jury still continues to this day), however, we have at this moment decided to do this AMA as a team to answer questions at this difficult time when we are very aware that our editor's communications situation is tricky.