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we paid for it

not to be snarky at all- that's just what I imagine the literal reason is

edit: I think it's freakin' rad, as well. This policy was demonstrated in The Martian, BTW. it was kind of a plot point in the beginning

Edit2: yes I realize there are other things we pay for we don't get access to (that we should or shouldn't get access to). I'm just giving a basic, bottom line explanation for why we do in this case

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Do you have "rules" for what you write?

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We got an isis over here

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2013 was basically a decade ago in NFL time.

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You bring up a good point is that even within specific diagnoses , from what I can tell and see, individuals' presenting symptoms vary widely person to person, which i can only imagine makes getting appropriate treatment and finding recovery all the more difficult.

I recently learned of the hearing voices network, which I appreciated because of the vagueness of it's membership criteria.

Will follow up with that in an edit soon

Edit: description of what they mean by "hearing voices" is in link below. I'd also note I know this is only related specifically to different types of hallucinations, but I appreciate the large umbrella it has for those type of symptoms