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Can you say more about the Pentecost movement? What is it, how it started, etc?

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Just watched this and it was amazing! You sound so much like Maynard :D have you sent it to Tool and Mariah Carey yet? Would love to get their reaction as well!

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Holy crap. When something this scary and traumatic happens, how do you recover? How do you keep going? Do you have to go into hiding at all afterwards?

You are an incredible person!

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I have a bunch of questions, if you would so kindly indulge :)

  1. How long does it take to create a mashup and then record it?

  2. How long does it take to edit the video?

  3. Who's your favourite classical composer and modern day band/singer?

  4. Since you play violin too, do you follow TwoSet Violin?

  5. Will you do mashups of classical music and rock/pop music?

  6. Is your fiancee into music too? :)

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  1. How did you decide to get into this line of work?

  2. What was your first experience like going into a conflict zone?

  3. How do you protect yourselves and stay safe?

  4. What are the logistics of going into a conflict zone - who do you have to contact, who has to know from the host country (for lack of a better term), do you have guides? How does that whole process work? How long do you usually stay for?

  5. How do people who live in conflict zones thrive in these situations - what kind of community-level trauma have you seen, and how do they heal from it?

  6. Do you have a partner or are married, and if so, what it is like for them being partnered/married to someone that does work that is dangerous and takes them away from home (maybe a similar experience would be married to someone in the military...)? Or if you're not partnered/married, is one reason why because of doing this work?

Sorry for too many questions!