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swampcholla5 karma

Given the armed morons that sowed up, and the potential for encounters with people that don't think like them, as well as people that may have left the park because they didn't feel comfortable around a bunch of armed rednecks (some of those perhaps having a vacation ruined as a result), do you feel any responsibility for putting people unnecessarily in harms way?

swampcholla5 karma

Would a design form the 50's-70's - something simple without membrane switches, transducers displays, and processors work? Might be faster to source parts and build without extensive safety certs (no software for instance).

I imagine we used to get along without all the bells and whistles but perhaps they were not as precise or required more attention for skilled staff.

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it's been my experience that new equipment doesn't do the basic functions better, but that they are easier to use and require less skill to operate, and are self-testing/self-calibrating.

It would be significantly easier to design and build a completely manual machine rather than one that requires certification of a life-safe software system

If older ones are still out there (in a museum perhaps) especially with documentation, they could be easily reverse-engineered.