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thank you sm this helps a lot!!!

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i’m a 16 year old who’s also passionate about the same shit and i saw that you do therapy and whatever and i really want to do that with my life as well. so i was wondering a few things:

1) education wise, how did you go about? how well did you do in high school? and how much college did you attend?

2) how do you get started with the job? like how do you find a place to start working?

3) is it hard to not get too connected to patients? my worry is i’m going to get too overwhelmed by patients issues and let it effect my life when i go home.

4) is the pay good? i’m not looking for that much of a salary, but just enough to comfortably live

5) what are your hours? do you still have time to have a normal life outside?

6) why did you want to have this profession?

i know this is a lot and i get if you are uncomfortable answering some of these or just don’t want to. i’m just super curious and really admire people like you :)