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sw1sh7 karma

Its amazing how many people dont read the "Don't ask numbers on our finances" part.

Anyway,what I wanted to ask is what happens if this suit goes bad for you guys?Everyone seems to be asking about where do you go from here,and what is the future of isoHunt etc,but what about if they rule against you? Stranger things have happened....And if so do you think it will set a precedent for other websites like your own to be taken down? What would it mean for you if it was to go down,would there be criminal consequences(not specifics,but is jail time a possibility?) If this was to go badly,what do you think the next logical step for filesharing would be?Would most other companies fold to the pressure of these corporations threatening legal action now a precedent has been set?

Sorry to come across all negative,but i'm just curious as to what could happen both ways.....