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I didn't start daily use until well after college, but as an early career professional Ive used weed in the same way as you describe - the right strains give me almost tunnel-vision on whatever task I'm working on, and in situations where there are a lot of distractions (ie, remote wfh during covid), then being "gently high" has been really helpful for ignoring those distractions and getting some solid, productive work in.

I agree this would only really work for chronic users. If I got "normal high" I'd be just a butterfly in the wind, but seeing as I rarely ever get "normal high" anymore (boo, tolerance) then the gentle high is a good balance for function and focus.

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I feel like being kind to someone always works better than being mean. You never know what kind of thing someone is going through. It doesn’t hurt to be nice, it might make their day a bit brighter.

This is so true. My dad is fighting cancer, and he's not doing so well. This week in particular has been really rough for him. Friday night I thought I'd distract my mind by going on a first date with a guy off a dating app. We make plans, he confirms, I show up, check my phone to message him, and realize he had deleted/blocked me. No "hey sorry I want to cancel", not a single word. Just stood me up. I wish I could have told him that not only was it a dick move, but it was doubly painful to me because my dad is dying and I just wanted a few hours to forget and drink with a stranger. He could've spared 5 seconds to text me instead of making me cry in my car for an hour after. Fuck cancer. And be nice to everyone, because you don't know what they're going through.

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Would you feel that way about coffee? About antidepressants?

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