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That probably makes sense why he was nice and touchy with girls wanting photos, versus him being an asshole to the majority of other people.

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Are you part of any research or clinical trials?

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Your background consists of being a Marine and and Iraq war veteran with a degree in physics. Tell me, how does us knowing this, qualify you to hold a seat in Congress? Do not give the cliche answer that consists of you know what the American people want, that you're better then your opponent, that you will bring change, etc.

Seriously, utilizing the whole "I'm a soldier" attribute? Absurd. You were, essentially, an assistant to General Petraeus. Apparently a very cozy, non-confrontational, posh MOS. You relate to the middle class just as Romney does.

Would you run for Congress if the position had a salary less then $50,000 year? Had the benefits of an average American? Are your truly an altruistic individual who wants to help the American people, or hell, even the world? Your Goldman Sachs internship says different.

Also why are you not providing adequate responses to certain posts that pose very interesting topics regarding your campaign? Such as the ones by sarcasmandsocialism and loondawg ? Why are you sidestepping on gun control issues? Who, from the private sector, is funding you and WHY?

Why did you even decide to do an AMA on Reddit? The more people look into your background, the more the truth about you being a typical DC politician arises. You are absolutely no different from your opponent. You just yearn for the relaxed, ridiculously overpaid position of being a Congressman.

At this moment, I will take a fictional Nicholas Brody over you.

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This is bullshit. You commit grand larceny in the most idiotic manner, spend 7 years in jail, write an asinine book, and now you’re living in affluence? I hope the librarian your crew violently assaulted has such an affluent life, you shameless, product-plugging fuck.

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Holy cripes! You responded! Thanks! In my area (the Midwest) there are practicing FP and IM physicians who will work in the ED on some days. I was just curious as I like what an ER physician and a hospitalist does but, I suppose, doing both would be impossible in major metro areas.

The majority of my friends in chiropractor school believe that everything can be solved with ROM manipulation and herbals/homeopathic routes. The biggest thing that irked me is they fully believe that vaccines can be replaced with a good diet that will bring about natural immunity. It seems to be that it is popular among chiropractic schools to demise and ridicule MDs/DOs for almost everything they do. Any clue why there's such a hate between the two?

Thanks again! Keep those fantastic videos coming!