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Height sliders pls. I love Mordesh thematically but hate how tall they are.

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Hello fellow epic gamers! :~)

I have a several questions so feel free to pick and choose!

  1. Do you plan on adding more headsets as options post launch? I currently have a Samsung Odyssey Plus and last I checked you weren't currently testing for it.

  2. How do you plan to combat cheesing combat? Such as rapid fire bow attacks, or rapid fire slashing. I know you have particular swing patterns that must be hit in order for the skill to activate, but do you plan on having any internal cooldowns for those?

  3. How much do you plan on taking inspiration from SAO? Will there be combat bonuses for rotating attacks between party members? AKA the "Swap" mechanic seen in the first arc of SAO.

  4. Is housing planned and to what degree? Wildstar had the most amazing housing system in an MMO and seeing something like that in VR would be amazing.

4b. If you got a working housing system done early would you consider releasing a precursor to the actual game that essentially acts as a VRchat, but using the housing system. This will allow a community to form prior to launch and form lasting bonds between players.

  1. Zenith is being built for desktop simultaneously. Do you worry that VR users may feel obliged to play desktop for efficiency reasons?

  2. How involved do you foresee the gearing process being? I love that in SAO, Kirito had to face a Dragon in order to craft a sword that would end up lasting him the rest of the game. Will we see epic opportunities such as this in game or do you think you'll take a more traditional approach of X bosses have X loot tables.

I have so many more questions but I'm sure I'll be bothering you guys in discord as we get closer!

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Helloooo. IIIII again! >:]

  1. Has the stance on costumes being available in PvP changed any after the large support thread on the forums?
  2. There has been other concerns regarding PvP systems such as the viability of CC after the increased TTK, the lack of diversity in PvP gear such as set runesets and only 1 set per role per tier (assault/support), LAS being locked during rated arena prep time, and the suggestion of raising base strikethrough to match base deflect, a stat many think to be toxic in PvP. Has there been any discussion on this feedback, and what are your guys thoughts on the matter?
  3. Warplots have been shown that the PvE aspects impact the game more than the players. What will you be doing to counteract this? Is that what you intended?
  4. Class balance is on going but their seems to be a mostly agreed tier list, with Spellslingers and Medics at the bottom in terms of DPS, and by a fair margin. What approach are you taking to get classes more in line with each other? Nerfing the top classes, or buffing the lower ones?
  5. Medic specific question. As you may have noticed, I've been adamant about Medics having a no daze AMP option. I think this is a vital change that needs to happen to keep Medics competitive in high tier PvP play. There hasn't been a response yet, which I understand as it's a very controversial change that needs to be thoroughly discussed. I would ask if we could have some insight on where Merkal and Aodz stand on this.
  6. One more! World bosses in past MMOs have been a hotspot for world PvP. Currently, from the world bosses I've experienced at higher level, none are currently worth fighting over. I know there's a zone yet to be explored. Is there a world boss here that has significant enough rewards that can encourage the type of PvP that many will crave for?

Thanks for your time. I know my methods may be a bit abrasive at times but I really appreciate you all and look forward to a smooth launch. Cheers!

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You can only preview stuff that your class is capable of equipping. For example, a Medic cannot preview a greatsword, or heavy armor.

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Just please have at least one more PvP server not named Pergo.