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Could you explain your support for privatization of our prison system? Aren't you concerned that this could create perverse profit incentives to lobby for locking more people up, and ultimately cost America far more money?

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Watched USA vs. the World last night. Great job on the episode, it was exciting from start to finish.

Did you guys really expect the European team to have a chance? It seemed like only one of them had even ever competed on Ninja Warrior! How did you convince the climbers to compete?

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Just listened to the Freakonomics podcast where you were interviewed extensively. Great job, really enjoyed hearing what you had to say.

How do you feel about the news stories linking your retirement so publicly to the CTE study? Are you comfortable being seen so publicly as an NFL player taking these concerns to heart? And with the attention you've brought to this matter? Or would you rather have just been able to retire quietly?

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Any good stories with church groups? I don't know why, but in my time visiting theme parks they always seem to the groups causing uproars.

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Haha fair enough. I would love the chance to try it myself, so I can totally understand how a professional climber would jump at the opportunity given how they make their living.

Sean McColl is just a beast. I hope you guys can convince him to compete in ANW next year ($500,000 has to make it tempting!). Not only would he be capable of winning, he could also get some amazing times.