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Lol the one horse sized duck. I'd fly it back. 100 little damn horses would be like chasing a sea of chihuahuas

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One time. They were bad bad kids. As in one was just out of juvi at age 14...He didn't need an Xbox or a macbook

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I feel bad. There has been some bad times on Xmas eve I had to take some. The kids were crying and it definitely looked like they hadn't had a Christmas in awhile. They were crying and my partner walked out cause she couldn't handle that. I did it and 6 others that day and went home, and almost killed myself that night.

People react differently All the time. In harder neighborhoods I usually have to have a partner or police assistance due to neighbors and onlookers wanting to fight, shoot or stab me. They look at me like the devil... Like I'm a terrorist or villain. Like i was taking the very souls those renters had.

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  • knock and pound door till they enter. If not, call police, lawyers, get certified letters, and kick open door. Take items and denial plausibility... That's really how this functions in some places. Not all...

  • see below for bed ridden woman post.. I almost got fired and did get written up. They ended up getting it back when they called hr but the manager was not happy at all. He still thinks it's my fault they called and he got in trouble.

  • see below for the drug raid/major 5 person-one house repo. Least value was a broken laptop I was forced to raise hell to take.

  • several. Depends on "credit numbers" and sales we have. If numbers look bad they sick the dogs out... Im actually leaving in a sec to do some. Posting is slow for me... But when im home il be available.

  • hourly. $10.75. I did get stabbed once. Then another woman tried to say i came onto her and harassed her causing me to be transferred. She was the sister of a repo I had arrested and kids taken away. When i went by one time her sister answered and i knew it was bad news. That's all I can say about that one. Also there has been a time I was stabbed

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My second week on the job was driving up to ask for payment and a new phone number. Repo was not the intent nor the option. She answered the door, yelled no (like a darth Vader noooo) then slammed the door. Sat there and pounded till she aimed a shotgun out the Window... As a county Sherriff drove by and saw it...

At that point, I sat back and watched. Soon all my crew was out here and we cleaned out their house as they sat and watched yelling and the k9 barking. They had previously assaulted rental people from Aarons and had a breathalyzer on their car for driving and was wanted in ties to some big murder that was happening 2 counties over...

It's interesting to see if I WOULD have lived past that day if the cop hadn't drove by