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I had a transplant 11 years ago when I was 22. My only reminder is the daily fist full of pills I take. Besides that my life is completely normal. Hang in there it does get better!

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Former PD patient here, I remember those pills being the biggest things ever. People are amazed that I can take 10-12 pills at a time and my answer is always "You should see what I used to take!"

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Not OP, but dialysis was pretty good to me. Some days were good, some were not, but overall I did feel better than before I was on it. I did PD and was able to keep my job and work through the entire process. I did hemo for a few weeks and felt much worse on that than I ever did on PD.The biggest pro to dialysis was that I could once again eat a much more varied diet after being so restricted.

I didn't really realized how badly I felt until I got a transplant and woke up feeling like a different person.

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I always thought that home hemo sounded much better than PD, but it isn't a big option here in the US. How long have you been on dialysis this go around? What caused the loss of your first graft?

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I did PD, but had to do in-center hemo for 3 weeks in the middle and it was the worst thing I've ever had to do. 12 years post TX and I forget I have one most days (other than the fist-full of pills). Glad to hear he is on the way back to full recovery.