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supermattkelly100 karma

Hey Joel! What would you think about a proper revival of MST3K on Netflix? They have quite the collection of terrible movies. The low budget of MST3K would be pretty attractive to them, right? Plus, you could do a rotating cast of former Best Brainers so that every permutation of the show gets its own moment in front of the camera. What do you think, sir(s)?

supermattkelly67 karma

Yeah, I suggested that in my own question below. And the budget would be a FRACTION of the other Netflix original shows!

supermattkelly44 karma

I've never seen that video before! How did you guys get him? Was that really him singing?

supermattkelly22 karma

With the rights being cleared up, will we see more merchandise becoming available? I've always wanted a cool MST3K-themed statue/toy thingy.

supermattkelly20 karma

"Theory of flight? I'll show you the theory of FIST!"