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I recently saw a call for papers for an academic conference on comics, with the 10 confirmed, featured speakers all white males. If this is a fairly accurate representation of the majority of both the reading audience and comics scholars, should it still be considered discrimination? How do you know when there is real, authentic discrimination versus simple representation of a skewed demographic? What to do?

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I'm also wary of putting my idea right out there, but it's a children's accessory item that will significantly extend the life of clothing and look awesome doing it. Sharks have said moms have good ideas, and this is definitely one, I'm sure. I've a good design and cool name (maybe u/drewp3 can come up with a better one) but I can't sew. How do I produce a prototype, and then how can I get a thousand of my idea made and out in the world? I'm actually not driven by any monetary motivation, but I'd love to see my idea actually materialize.

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Could you explain this decision: why switch from the Detroit system if it was still working? And what kind of due diligence was done (wrt the Flint River system) before the switch was made?

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People continued to be charged for receiving tainted water. What role does/did the water company have in the decision making process, and if they're not able to collect on their bills (rightly so), where do they turn?

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What is the gender distribution of the kids you interviewed? What is your sense of the gender distribution among the car-stealing kids overall?