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superchaddi432 karma

I'm a big fan of your 'let's scientifically understand why this does/doesn't work' methodology but being from India, a lot of your techniques and recipes cover ingredients and dishes that are rare-to-nonexistent in cooking here. Do you know of people (in the popular sphere or even academics/scientists) using a scientific approach with any kind of Indian cooking, or actually, any other regional cuisine? Most I've found are very US-American which means, at best, partial coverage of cuisines closer to my home. Basically a Food Lab for Indian techniques, ingredients, and dishes?

Appreciate your work and your Twitter Eddie Izzard references! Thanks, Kenji.

superchaddi13 karma

In some errant daydreams, sure :)

I'm applying for a PhD in an entirely different field now, though, so the next few years are unlikely to give me the time, even if I had the skills necessary. I will wait for a giant whose shoulders I can stand on.