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It will eventually undercut the price of animal-derived dairy. However, it will take a few years to get there. So we will be a premium product to start with and eventually as we scale our process and optimize we will bring the costs down

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Hey LordRakzoon - yes that will be the plan. We know what the allergenic epitopes are of casein proteins so we can remove them and allow our cheese to be eaten by anyone

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We are starting with Mozzarella and making sure it MELTS which is very important. Yes we aim to make a variety of cow cheeses. Mozzarella is a great first cheese because there is minimal aging so we can perfect its development very quickly. Unlike Parmesan where we may need to wait a year before seeing if it tastes good!

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Yes!! We just closed our Series A and are hiring for a bunch of science, engineering and non-technical roles in the Bay Area. Check out our careers page and give us a follow as we will be announcing new roles over the coming weeks and early next year