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How are you coping with second hand trauma? I caption calls and am emotionally exhausted from the stress, anxiety, and fear, as well as the misinformation and denial.

I'd like to also ask how you're doing, I think we forget how hard this situation is on care workers.

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God fucking dammit. This is exactly why I teach music. I'm telling my kids that Jason Mraz said this and hoping it will inspire them. Yes.

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I know, this is what I think! the LARPER on the episode OP was on absolutely ATE IT on the big balls, like back bend, feet touching his head and I was like "HOW IS HE NOT BROKEN RIGHT NOW?!"

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Hi y'all! So I am diagnosed with bipolar (I always forget which one, but I have more severe depressive episodes and hypomania) and am finding that because I'm an essential worker and my job involves live captioning and therefore I wind up talking about COVID all day everyday, and then go home with my dog and just, can't. I'm also discovering that when this is triggering I'm rapid cycling, unless I intentionally dissociate.

I know I need to talk to my psychiatrist about all this, but outside of the stuff they might handle, have you heard stories like this? Do you have any suggestions for someone finding that work is causing just as many issues as being at home and unable to leave?

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You have every right to feel tired. I do too. My service dog is tired and stressed and anxious too, which means as humans, we have every right to feel that. <3