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How are you coping with second hand trauma? I caption calls and am emotionally exhausted from the stress, anxiety, and fear, as well as the misinformation and denial.

I'd like to also ask how you're doing, I think we forget how hard this situation is on care workers.

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God fucking dammit. This is exactly why I teach music. I'm telling my kids that Jason Mraz said this and hoping it will inspire them. Yes.

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I know, this is what I think! the LARPER on the episode OP was on absolutely ATE IT on the big balls, like back bend, feet touching his head and I was like "HOW IS HE NOT BROKEN RIGHT NOW?!"

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You have every right to feel tired. I do too. My service dog is tired and stressed and anxious too, which means as humans, we have every right to feel that. <3

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hey, existing takes energy. Trust me, I'm a chronically ill person with multiple co-morbidities, and some days, I'm lucky I can get up and get out of bed