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What are some tips for checking in on a friend through text message (vs. calling or visiting them in person which is difficult right now)? How do you ask questions that will help them open up?

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In regards to safe gun storage - I worry that sometimes people with suicidal thoughts may have hidden guns that people don't know about and use that gun to commit suicide. This recently happened to a family friend. They thought all the guns in the house were stored properly because her husband did battle with depression. He had hidden one gun that no one knew about and ended up using that gun to take his life. A very sad and tragic story. Do you have any advice on how to prevent that and have conversations around this?

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Thank you, this is very helpful for me.

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Would there ever be a situation where it's too close to call the race on 11/3 because not all the mail in ballots have been counted?

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Hello, does every state have a governor running in this election?