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Can you get on a flight from the middle to end instead? Say flight does to New York, Miami, lax. Can I start from Miami to end in lax?

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In terms of voting, what about making a comment for each charity and our upvote can help decide?

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If you take a flight from Los Angeles to New York, you may have layover Chicago. The layover destination is the place you're actually trying to get to. Airlines are selling to fill their planes, so may offer a discount ticket to get people on the airplane. Now, if you don't go to New York and drop off at Chicago, the airline doesn't have a full plane and they sold you a discount ticket to New York but you just went to Chicago. Maybe Los Angeles to Chicago costs more than New York, but you've sort of circumvented by buying a cheaper ticket to Chicago. I hope I explained that okay.

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It seems I answered my own question about why traveling half as far cost twice as much: