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sunggui911 karma

Maybe i express myself in wrong manner. Accept my apologies. Im not pro-beijing for sure. I just dont like seeing you fight each other. And definitely not supporting the hk police. Those so called officers should be on your side. Im following the events since day 1. Don't want to see another Tiananmen Massacre all over again. But gotta understand its not cool assaulting fellow citizens or turist.

sunggui91-1 karma

Jesus christ how old are you? Are you following the events on hk? Are you researching both sides of the story? Im all about freedom in hk, the dudes have balls. I just don't like seeing them assault people. That's not a good image man. They are doing more harm to the movement doing so.

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Why are you assaulting your fellow hongkongers? And people on the airport? That's not cool man