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I really love what you’re doing. I’m a black woman and I want to be a mom so bad, but I’m incredibly concerned about maternal mortality rates within my demographic, and how to advocate for myself when the time comes. I’ve experienced medical racism from doctors and nurses and it’s already convinced me to budget for a doula when the time comes, so I know I have someone focused on me and my wellbeing while the doctors and staff can focus on the babe. I’m just rambling at this point, but thank you for doing this work, providing this service, and raising awareness about something many aren’t aware of. We are literally dying out here.

My last comment got deleted because it didn’t contain a question, oops. How is your day going? How do you find balance being a mom, a doula and a business woman?

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I think the topics of doulas, midwives, and home births alone really raises some hackles. I get it, but yeah, the nastiness in this thread is really unnecessary. Some are speaking to OP like she can and should have all the answers and the ability to fix these problems herself lol. It’s wayyy larger than any one person, it’s the whole damn system.

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100% agree

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Thank you! ❤️