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“I want one so bad but they’re so expensive!” I tell people who say things like that to consider it a down payment on vet bills.

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I work with a bulldog rescue. More frenchies are starting to show up. They have certainly been a trendy breed. Another thing that’s starting to become a thing is “exotic” colors like sables and lilacs and even merles. That tends not to be a good thing because these colors aren’t naturally in the lines, and bulldogs are a fragile enough breed as it is.

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By the way, thanks for what you're doing! We're currently on our third rescued puppy-mill mom (oh they love retirement, and they love stealing the blankets at night) and those little ones have been through so much. The more you learn about mills, the madder you get. People know they're bad, but they usually don't understand just how bad.

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Dogs aren't just about love, they are love! On bulldogs, the colors become a problem because to get the exotic colors, you have to breed that color into the line, which often brings in traits that aren't healthy for the bulldog breed. We have two rescues that are both exotic colors, and they both have skin problems, which is common with the new colors. Merles have a much higher chance of being blind and deaf. You also bring in the possibility of unwanted traits such as aggression because you're bringing in those color genes from outside the normal bulldog standards. If you breed just for color, other traits are likely to come along for the ride as well. There's enough issues with the way bulldogs are being bred right now (super wide shoulders, extra wrinkly faces, mini-bulls or really large bulldogs, etc.) and introducing other issues is bad news. (Not a breeder, all of ours have been rescued. We're on a first name basis with our vets but these little ones just own us.)

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Used cars tend to have a hell of a lot more profit for the dealership than new cars. And if the buyer isn't savvy, Hoo boy. (Last used car I bought had 14,000 miles and was a year old. They tried talking me into the extended warranty, which would have extended power train to 80,000 miles. I told them no, because if I paid for that I'd be in for more than the same car brand new with 100k warranty.)