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sulukipedia55 karma

Hi and thanks for being here.

So ever since I've known myself, I cannot wake up, by myself, without the help of someone. And I mean I set 3-4-5 alarms, and yet cannot wake up unless someone calls me and makes me talk and assures I'm out of bed, walking around. I realize I'm turning off the alarms, without even remembering doing so.

I've been referred to a sleep clinic but the waiting period is over a year and it's really effecting my life, as well as others around me. (I live alone and have a 9-5 job, someone always has to wake me up, otherwise I'll wake up midday)

There are times I'm called hundreds of times (literally) and I cannot hear the phone and just keep sleeping.

There are times I am awaken by someone and I realize my bladder is about to explode, because I couldn't wake up to use the washroom. I cannot even wake up to my own pain.

What can this possibly be? Going on for over 20 years, never changing?

Thank you!