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I have very bad anxiety and I convince myself that I am having a heart attack 2-3 times a week which my doctor has prescribed as severe acid reflux.

Would you say a heart attack and acid reflux share the same symptoms in some respects or would you say there’s a significant correlation between the two?

Asking for my own peace of mind but I’m glad you’re okay buddy!

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I think I’m going to get one just to be sure. I know I’m healthy but my illogical anxiety brain tells me I’m always dying lol

Thanks for the reply. Hope you have a great Christmas and I’m glad you’re here to enjoy it

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I lost my brother to bowel cancer when I was 11 he was 18. Anything medical makes me paranoid.

Throughout my teens I thought I had dealt with my grief really well. But as I’ve gotten older (28) my anxiety levels are through the roof and I have an absolute phobia of hospitals and doctors.

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Fuck you (thank you) lol