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For anyone who isn't clear on terminology "aviation" means "avian emulation" and "electronics" means "electrical mnemonics".

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1,300,000 trees in 8 years, assuming a maximum of 365 working days per year with an 8 hour working day, that's one tree every sixty five seconds (assuming my maths is right).

My question is how did you work out this number and how is that possible? I can only assume that what I am imagining as planting a tree is not the same as what is actually involved. What exactly is involved in planting a tree? Do you plant a lot in one hit with seeds or maybe you have some kind of tree cluster bomb that you drop from a plane?

EDIT: Thanks for the explanations guys - I thought that the numbers sounded sort of unbelievable, but now I understand it a bit more OP's stats are remarkable and super impressive. To all of you planting trees at this insane rate: I'm glad I don't have to do your job!

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Agreed, I can't imagine the movie with anyone else in that role. That's not to say they couldn't do it, but RDJr owned the role so completely that I just can't picture it.

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If you don't do politics, politics is still going to do you.

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