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I'm 29 with a degree still in limbo about what I realistically want to do, so your story inspires me to not just be happy in the job I am in at the moment but to continue pushing for something I am passionate about doing. You've overcome uncertainty and made decisions at extremely stressful times of your life, tough decisions were most would just say fuck the world to ourselves.

1) Over coming your loss and buying car to live in! 2) Getting a tie over fast food job and over coming getting fired. 3) Working in music 4) Deciding to go back to school and do something totally different 5) Doing well and not being demoralized like I have been in the past from constantly CV's and hearing nothing back etc resulting in you getting an internship!

I wrote them again for you just to make you realize you have done fantastic given the misgivings and you should pat yourself on the back for it.

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I second this, definitely the most useful information you could use to immediate effect before its too late, and the game yeah I like the look of it but it doesn't provide me to the feeling of playing the game, people are innately lazy and I want to get a feel of the game just by watching the video and I don't get this while watching yours.

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Hi purplewindex, just wondering what are the signs and triggers given off by mentally ill inmates or people in general, I know some people will just say look at crazy-eyes in OITNB but I mean what are the realistic tell tale signs, what are the triggers? personality traits etc for those of us interested in the science, because before you said this paragraph I thought the charcters in the series would be portrayed as over the top as that's whats expected in most movies and tv series etc.

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Brave brave man/women, I just posted something similar about my fears of donating.

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Would you say you over spent and over estimated the success to trine 3? also what lessons do you think you have learn't going forward developing Shadwen? also just remember it looks like your new game is going down the dishnored stealth route, that is a high barrier to surpass! hope all goes well for you guys!