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Typically low testosterone means no, you'd feel everything like it's happened but nothing comes out. If OP is right with his T levels, there's a chance he could have something like precum happen but that's about it.

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Hi all! How do you see video game culture moving in the next 10 years in regards to inclusivity? I've seen a big shift in the past 10 years and I'm excited for the future personally.

Also happy birthday Klaudia!

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Thanks for the amazing response! And best of luck with all your future projects ❤️

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Hi, I hope I can provide some kind of answer. I'm a trans woman so I've had pretty normal Testosterone levels. But they're now even lower than OPs. I do have estrogen instead though so that could affect things.

My sex drive is definitely different than pre-hormones. It's more difficult to get hard, and doesn't happen spontaneously at all anymore, it's like if you've had a few drinks or something, all the horniness is in your head and you don't get that "pressure" down there which you had before, and you don't get that urge to put it in something.

But as I said, I'm also on estrogen so I do experience a different sex drive anyway, and my body "wants" different things because of that too.