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Deathcap and Destroying Angel are both sick metal band names

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Deathcap for Cutie

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on one hand, watching could trigger those issues you mention. But I think the main problem for a doctor autopsying someone they know is the act of physically doing it. it's a gory process and normally I think most surgeons and other doctors who cut people up for a living can compartmentalize well when it's a stranger but doing that to a loved one would make that compartmentalization break down.

on the other hand, I think as a family member or friend, merely seeing the process might actually allow closure, at least for people who can stomach the procedure (some people are just too squeamish to watch any autopsy videos ofc). a lot of people prefer wakes and other ways of physically seeing the body because seeing the dead person allows them to truly internalize the death.

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as a resident of New York state I'm fine with that. Pull it from Rudy Giuliani's pension if you gotta.

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That sounds nearly impossible to move through at all even for a really good swimmer. like, fuck, I was trying to swim through a narrow inlet (~4ft wide and a foot deep and rectangular since it was under a footbridge, inlet for an entire small lagoon) when the tide was going out last week and it pushed me backwards while I was going at full sprint (and I've been a good swimmer since I was young). I had to cling to rocks to get close to it, and I only had any purchase because those rocks were covered in barnacles (got me some nice scrapes on my feet lol). dunno the flow rate there but I feel like it could have been ballpark not too far off 900 (a cube of water 9ft by 9ft by 9ft coming at me every second through there? sounds very plausible from what it felt like) since tidal currents are nuts like that. it felt like a fucking river. I can't imagine climbing through a cave with that pounding on me, while scuba diving, in the dark, after having nearly starved to death recently.