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Hi guys!

I don't typically watch reality/documentary-type shows, but my wife recently started streaming S1 of Aftermath and I'm hooked.

Two questions:

  1. The story of how Scientology got its tax exempt status by basically blackmailing IRS employees is extremely troublesome. Do you think that they have expanded, or are seeking to expand their influence in the federal government?

  2. If David Miscavige were to step down as head of Scientology, would we see any sort of change to the church, either for better or for worse?

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I absolutely agree. I started off with 2048, and purchased Threes because I wanted to support the folks that originally came up with the idea. Yet I found myself playing 2048 far more often. It was faster to get into and more accessible. While I see that Threes is objectively the better game in almost every way, the simplicity and speed of 2048 just made it easier to pick up when I needed to kill a few minutes.

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How do you know to accurately spell unusual names, locations, or other words (particularly for fantasy or sci-fi shows)? Is it usually just pulled from an episode script?

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has access to thousands of people through his various websites and forums.

And you just gave him access to millions more by giving him a national platform through which to spread his twisted views. Great work.