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What would say to Elon Musk and SpaceX who are working to make "dead end" rocket technology reusable? The sense I've gotten from reading about projects like Skylon and NASP and their ilk is that a truly reusable staged booster system would be far more cost effective than any sort of air-breathing propulsion system due largely to its much simpler design.

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Just learned you guys are planning to launch your avionics test bed 3U cubesat from the Kibo module on the ISS. Can you give an idea of the schedule for this, and information on what it'll be riding up to the station (F9v1.1/Dragon, Antares/Cygnus, Progress, or ATV)?

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Thanks! Best of luck to the team, can't wait for you guys to get hardware on orbit.

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What are your feelings about the new Dragon V2 manned spacecraft SpaceX just revealed, and the Commercial Crew program in general? Would you fly in Dragon V2 given the opportunity?

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If elected, would you consider invoking the Speech or Debate Clause in order to "lay your cards on the table" and educate the public on what you clearly see as a legal and necessary program despite its classified nature?