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Book called fundamentals of guitar explains that g and b are opposite ends of the cycle of 5ths,. Basically if we tuned by harmonics they have the most amount of error induced. And guitar puts them right next to each other. Further exasperating the problem

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How does being a pick up artist work? Which are the better dating coaches? Do you have a link?

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Thanks CBM, this is an interesting thread. you've obvious done a lot of research. What do you htink holds up as Poe's best work? What is his greatest Literary achievement?

Also, I'm form Frankfort KY, rumor is he wrote a story that takes place there or was at least inspired by true life events that happened in the capital of the bluegrass state. Do you know which story that is?

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great answer

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Phish plays this tune a bunch. Seems like they do it everytime I see em. great song