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I love TM and have been back doing it for now over 6 years! I first learned it in 1975, or so but hadn't done it for years!

But one thing I find as a MAJOR turn off to TM is the COST! I have heard of non-existence social ships and the like!

I know you are not directly involved with TM policies but you are close to many there!

What is the answer to the HIGH price?? As most feel it should be FREE or at least a lot cheaper!

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Yes I saw the price at least for now is $800, and understand the professionals time and living expenses are needed to be paid! As I said I learned in 1975, TM in Mill Valley, Ca (just north Gold Gate Bridge) one of the first cities in the USA that had % representation of people meditating for I believe $50! Even though at inflation $800, is much higher than that price! But no matter TM and many other non-traditional and traditional therapies have brought me out of a deep dark hole these's late 7-8 years! Thanks for all you have done Dr Rosenthal and I have purchased long ago and rereading now Transcendence, The Gift of Adversity and will buy Super Mind soon! Here wishing somehow all can meditate TM or otherwise and change the attitudes of the world!