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FUCK wednesday.

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Not sure what that guy expected either. Buzz stomped on the moons face.. this guys face didnt stand a chance.

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I remember listening to NPR during a controversy where they reported something incorrectly or prematurely (I think it was the incorrect reporting of Rep Giffords being dead) and they were reporting very negatively about themselves. It was weird, I checked to see if I had my radio dial changed, but nope. They were talking about themselves in the third person, very factually, but not very flatteringly. Pretty cool stuff.

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And spreading this information is becoming more and more difficult with new regulations in the name of protecting intellectual property. In some places taking pictures of farms is illegal

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Just wanted to say how crazy I find it we say we can trust these folks with the lives of military personal (by accepting their translations as correct) but cannot trust them to be our neighbors.

Anyway, keep fighting the good fight.