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It's really hard to get up in arms and want join in being against this, mostly because there are so many oil/gas/etc pipelines present already. Not far from here is the colonial pipeline, and I would guess 98-99% of the people living here do not realize it. What makes this particular pipeline so different and how do you get people on your side when we are already surrounded by an abundance of various pipelines.

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I am a foster parent and a lot of people are going to try to persuade you from doing it but if you are willing to take these kids in and accept them as your own, then do it. Just be prepared to have your heart broken when they leave, but it is the most rewarding experience you can ever have. (and the most trying time as well but well worth it)

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Ever hired someone new and they turn out crazy? What would you do then? take them back or throw them over?

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Did you carry a suicide pill or have any other protocols were supposed to follow if you had to bail out over say Russia?

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I think the misconception is that you are simply showing up and trying to get these kids back home into a situation that is not good. Like you have alluded to and what I have observed these lawyers are more about getting the parents help, working their plan, make sure the parents can get visits, etc. Only in that one case did a parent and lawyer make an attempt to just get rid of everything and place the child back with the parent. (and I don't think the parental lawyer was on board with it) It could be an opportunity for the parent(s) to get their life together with social services, mental health, etc without the responsibility of a child or children, but sadly it doesn't seem to happen much.

I couldn't imagine the court room with 16 kids...sheesh.