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Hello Father, it's that time of the year in my diocese where all of our priests begin their new assignments, and this never fails to cause controversy as people see their favorite priest move 50 miles away and get a new priest who's not exactly like the old one. What's the shuffle like for the priests?

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Do you feel like there's a change in your social status as a result of being a seminarian? Do people view you better/worse?

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Matthew, I love your comic, and I check it every day even when I know it hasn't been updated. Usually I can tell we're playing the same game at any given moment. Your comic is just dripping with reverence for Nintendo and its history. It's good to see someone else who loves Nintendo games as much as (and probably even more than) I do.

What game do you wish Nintendo would make that they haven't already?

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What kind of work did you do before becoming a full-time indie developer? How did you pull off the transition?

As a fan who discovered Exile from a shareware CD in the 90s, thanks for all the great games and the AMA!

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How hard is it to get fired from Walmart?