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I am struggling with several chronic diseases that faces no cure or vaccine in the near future and my parents are very helpful and understanding in trying to make my everyday life as comfortable and normal as possible. Unfortunately I know that my siblings feel a bit left behind and not as much cared for due to this and this pains me as I know my parents are doing everything they can for them to not feel this way and I love my siblings very much. My question is: Does Emily's siblings struggle with feelings of jealousy from time to time (which would be perfectly understandable even if they love their sister dearly) and what is Emily's feelings on this?

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Any ideas to how your life would have looked if this wouldn't have happened? I just got the feeling that it contributed (in lack of a better word) to you performing well academically. Correct me if I'm wrong though. Gah, now I sound completely like an ass. Try to not miss understand me. I mean no harm at all. All the best luck to you <3