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Thomas, I run Couch Athletics and you guys gave us a review copy, and five copies to give away for a contest on our website. I just wanted to say that while giving out those copies may be a pain, working with you guys was a dream, much easier than other developers, even indie devs.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next game.

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Sharon Osborne, right? I'm actually certain I've read somewhere that Sharon Osborne said that Ozzy would be out of the game if Dio showed up.

Sharon Osborne is a cunt of epic proportions. What she did to Iron Maiden during Ozzfest is inexcusable.

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Surrounded by many beautiful women.

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What an asshole, enjoying music.

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Fucking Maiden and Anthrax. Shit like that is outlawed in 47 states. Most places can't handle that heavy fucking metal.