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Obviously, when you ran into people on the street, they automatically assumed it was your baby in there. How did you handle that situation? (I always back to Phoebe from Friends, “Oh, they’re not mine, they’re my brothers’.”)

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I love seeing you pop up in multi-episode arcs in TV shows like Sex and the City and Agents of Shield.

Of all those characters you've done over the years, which was your favorite?

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Where can you get the best peach cobbler in Savannah?

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At some point, people started telling you that you were amazing/gifted at a young age. How did you deal with that mentally and emotionally to be flowered with such praise at such a young age? Did it inflate your ego? Stress you out more as now there were expectations placed upon you?

(I ask because my 7-year-old son is, academically, in the stratosphere and the adults in his life - parents, teachers, etc - are having to walk a precarious line of nurturing his gift while not destroying him emotionally.)

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We built a new house (southwest Ohio) with sod in the front, sides, and first 10 feet of the back, then seed/straw for the rest. About 2 weeks after we moved in, we had torrential downpours that lasted about a week, essentially washing most of the seed away. Now I've got a backyard with about 50% coverage, and very patchy.

My question: should I tear up the grass that is growing and start anew, or just get a few cubic yards of top soil and fill in between the patches? And if the latter, which would be a better time to do it: fall or spring?