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Your textures sound like they are influenced by the home construction but that’s neither here nor there. Test everything! It’s worth the money to know where you started and where you’re going (and gives you some hard data to show off). From YouTube I gather you’re in Ontario so you might want to try the A&L Labs (London) Vitellus tests. The staff there are helpful and can assist with interpretations. The Nature and Properties of Soils by Brady and Weil is a great reference to have on hand too. I hear if you Google the title and limit results only to Reddit, you might find a copy to read...

I’d just encourage you to broaden your views on conventional farming a bit. I’d argue that all farms ‘mine’ the soil because it isn’t a closed system and plugging as many leaks as possible is the best we can do. There are definitely problems but profitability and external factors (commodity prices, weather, land rents) are very relevant.

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What soil test are you using to define your fertility? What is the soil type?