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Computers will be embedded in our brains before Star Citizen comes out.

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Your one year anniversary of your first shitty robot video kind of struck a chord with me. I've got, what looks like, a great engineering job right now but in reality it's a bit depressing and unfulfilling. I'm at work right now debating whether I should peel my eyelids off for fun or drown myself in the toilet...

What advice would you give to someone your age who is currently where you were 2 years ago and wanting to escape?

AMA is a solid 3/5 so far!

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Ever think about designing and producing your own tech of some sort?

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I've gone through the first two stages and am probably in the third at the moment haha. I pretty much go through a small existentialist crisis every morning before work...

Were shitty robots your first foray into building stuff? Or had you always been doing? I have a habit of fixing things until they're broken lol

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What do you think the odds are that dark matter and/or energy are simply just shortcomings in our current understanding of existing physics and aren't actually separate forms of matter and energy? Is it possible we just don't have an accurate understanding of gravity itself and that is causing a "false positive" in the belief of dark energy and matter?