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My first mission was bombing just beyond Omaha beach on D-Day (June 6, 1944). I flew 33 missions in 60 days during the war

Were there strategic targets just beyond the beaches? My landlord was a Bombardier on a B-24, and he said it was so overcast and foggy that they couldn't see a thing, and instead dropped the payload after waiting a half minute or so, (as it turns out most all bombers did) and ended up bombing inland and leaving the beach defenses untouched. were you bombing a specific target, or did you too need to hold up a little bit out of fear of hitting the men on the beaches?

were your 60 missions mostly in support of the second front in France, or were you bombing production areas in Germany?

thank you for everything. Your generation is owed a debt by the rest of us which cannot ever be repaid.

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'former' ='worked'

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"Up to 31% better" is a little too specific to be taken seriously

92.5 percent of overly specific results are suspicious. Better to hover near the whole tens

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Two days before? Were you in the pathfinders? I didn't know anyone jumped earlier than shortly after midnight, June 6th

Thank you for your service. I know you may feel you were just doing your duty, but it is a duty very few of us can fathom

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"If they're talking to you , you have leverage "

I always advise the younger guys in my business "if they called you, you already have the job". They may talk price or other terms, but they are talking to you, not the hundred other guys they could have called."

Raise your fee, just don't tell them you raised it.