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Have you ever turned away specimens that for whatever reason didn't make the cut?

Also, is it hard to preserve the especially gooey pieces, or does the usual preservation process work?

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What's the oddest task you've had to perform?

Do you chat with the family, or is it a more professional relationship?

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Do you know why the girls accused you?

What was your relationship with them? With the guys that were also accused?

Please tell me the officers and school administers lost their jobs and faced consequences for falsely testifying?

Glad you made it through!

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If I were an eccentric billionaire how much would it cost to buy a complete dinosaur skeleton? Assuming I want something huge like a T-rex or Diplodicus

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In Chinese cuisine random bits like pig ear, chicken feet, and tripe make awesome appetizers! However I can never make it at delicious as restaurants do :(