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Female stripper here. I've stripped in both America and Australia, and I wanted to point out a few things.

OP, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this work and felt that being high or under the influence made it easier. Most of the people I have met in this industry genuinely enjoy it. There are times when it is tough, and times when you need a holiday, but a healthy career stripping is a viable option for many people.

While I understand that having sexual encounters with your clients is more prevalent in the male stripping industry, I have never worked in a club or been to an event where any of the strippers I worked with had sex with a client (unless she genuinely wanted a relationship). It does happen, but no where near as often as you guys would like to think ;)

Lastly, you keep talking about drugs. Drugs are in every industry, including stripping. I see a LOT of alcohol, and I saw a little bit of coke in America, but if you start needing drugs to work you're not going to last long. Hence most of us don't really do them anymore than non-strippers do. Our favourite drug is usually caffeine.

Thanks for the AMA, OP - even though it does portray the industry in what I believe to be an unfairly negative light, these are still your experiences and completely valid.

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Hey! That's awesome that you go to strip clubs! When I used to work with people in similar situations to yourself, I always found it really frustrating how 'conservative' staff members would limit their adventures. I plan to work in Portland this July, so if I see anyone who matches your description I'll definitely come and say "hi" :)