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strawberryvines12 karma

This one's for Lucius.

Firstly, you are amazing and your music means a LOT to me.

"How Loud Your Heart Gets" is going to be my first dance song at my wedding in May. My fiancé & I are a Long Distance couple and that song just gets us emotionally. We first saw you guys supporting Freelance Whales @ the Bowery Ballroom in June 2012 and have loved you ever since. I saw you last year in Manchester, England too and was so happy to get to meet you (Jess and Holly) and tell you how much your music means to me. Here's a pic from when we met!

I have 2 questions - When will the next album be out? I just realised this was answered earlier...so, I have a different one. What was the influence behind How Loud your Heart Gets?

Also, a totally crazy one, but, if you're by any chance around the Philly/NJ area on 24th May, would you like to come to my wedding?! (your music really means so much to my fiancé & I)