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strappingyounglass8 karma

Hi/sziasztok! This year’s going to be only the 3rd time I’ll be using The Year Compass to reflect upon my year, but I’m enjoying it a lot, it’s proven to be helpful. I always loved journaling, so completing the Compass is just like that, but structured :).

What I find a bit off putting is that my friends on social media never really seem relate to it - maybe it’s considered cringy or time-wasting to reflect on your year, in written form, at least, in certain parts of Europe, or they just don’t want to admit that they’re doing it, too, I have no idea (why would they, we’re adults, almost all hitting 30). Anyway, where do you get your most downloads from, or in what language? Did you have people contacting you directly, giving thanks?

P.S I’m really excited for the Pandemic Supplement book.