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I wish you the best of luck! My brother was adopted from a similar situation, at the age of 12. Behavior traits are so ingrained by that point it is difficult to help them. From your posts I have no doubt that you will work hard, just be sure to keep it up even if you get tired of outbursts - if you flip out on him even once it could cause a relapse in behavior.

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Can't complaining be a good release of the emotional frustration that we both know men often suffer with? Shouldn't we be working to change that?

It seems as though you didn't even read his post. He is saying that whining is viewed as unattractive and weak, and OF COURSE we should work to change that.

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2000 DoJ study

Do you see the fault in this? Honestly. You should be able to see what is wrong here, and why this is not an accurate source. (edit: if you need help, just read the first part of the post I linked)

while about a third of male victims (35.8%) were raped by a female.

Now I KNOW something is up, as the legal definition of rape in the United States at that time did not allow for the possibility of a female raping a male.

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Why is every domestic violence ad aimed against men, when women commit the most domestic violence in the US?