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As a psychiatrist who is critical of the APA, I was wondering what your views on Anti-Psychiatry theory are. Specifically, I am a student of Dr. Jeffrey Schaler, who wrote the controversial book Addiction is a Choice, and is very influenced by Dr. Thomas Szasz. They are both very critical of the institution of psychiatry and how it socially manufactures diseases, and I was wondering if you would carry your critique that far, or are merely critical of the institution of the APA.

Thanks for the AMA, your book looks very interesting, and I'll definitely give it a read!

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Hi Chuck,

You were playing a gig for a biking event at American University in Washington DC two years ago. I had no clue you were going to be there until I wandered by, and just happened to be wearing a Grateful Dead shirt. I got a photo with you afterwards and you mentioned I was wearing the wrong shirt. I just want to apologize for not knowing you were coming, or I would totally have been wearing an Allman Brothers shirt!

As for a question, do you still follow the more recent work of the Allman Brothers? What do you think of the job Warren Haynes is doing?

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Hi Ford, it's Jes. Quick question, how does it feel to sell your soul to CNN? Follow-up Question, did you have a soul to begin with?