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Prime example: New York City used to have these in the days before they switched to one way grids and timer-only lights (and later centralized control). Since a walk signal was guaranteed and reacting to the button could only break the timing on one-way flow, they were disconnected. It costs more money to remove than to simply chop the wire, so they stayed at many intersections for a long time despite not doing anything functional (anymore).

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I can't remember the scene, so I'll say this:

  • The part about the traffic signals turning green in multiple directions as in Live Free or Die Hard where cars crash into each other can't happen. See the bit about conflict matrix. If conflicting directions get a green, the conflict system ignores the logic controller and just flashes red or flashes yellow.
  • Some large cities have centralized traffic control and can command individual lights, so in New York City it would be possible to greenlight a certain path to improve flow. Here's an press release detailing the installation of a system like this in Montreal: http://newsroom.transcore.com/press-release/city-montreal-deploys-transcores-transsuite-advanced-traffic-management-system-citywid

While I'm on common movie flaws, sprinklers don't activate for a whole room at once, even if the fire alarm goes off. The normal system you'll see is one where a small glass bulb with liquid that expands at a certain temperature is installed in every sprinkler head and each sprinkler is individually activated by the the temperature becoming too high. Systems where every sprinkler goes off at the same time do exist (deluge systems), but they're typically only found in industrial environments with special requirements. You'll never find that in an office building.

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I'm very curious about the how you handle the impact of HIV when it comes to forming relationships and seeking physical intimacy with others. When do you let somebody know, what steps do you take, do you look for somebody else who is also affected, and how does this all play into your plans for fatherhood that you've mentioned in another comment?

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Get street trash cans that are rotating door / keyed. The highest source of garbage I noticed was people dumping a garbage can on the ground to find bottles and leaving the mess there. One dumped can could be 100 people littering at once.

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Alex says the official answer to that is no.